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    Doula – A poem by Paula Cleary

    I hold space for leaps of faithtears fearshopessadnesslaughterjoysurprisesconfusiondoubtevolutiondisbelief dreamsdelight&going with the flow I am witnessSpace holderSanctuary guardianGatekeeperHand holderDeep listenerComfort bringerBody whispererDoing nothingerCounselorDreamweaverSympathiserMirrorSeerAlchemistSeeker of truthEn-couragerGo-betweenTime travellerReminderRestorer of ritual Believer Sometimes I sit on my handsAnd sometimes they are busy busy servingWith loveTendingStrokingWipingCarryingHoldingSqueezingMakingShowingSupporting I witness you give birth to your new selfTo your babyTo everything you’ve been waiting forThe setting sun on yesterday and the dawn of a new day I share little storiesTo let you knowYOU ARE NOT ALONE I bring loveI bring hopeI bring loving touchAnd I weep with youWhen they steal your powerAnd overwhelm us allClosing in like an iron fist I weep with youI stand with youI howl…

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    Norfolk Doulas in the Papers

    We are super proud of Norfolk doulas, Shauna Tate and Siobhán Ridley for their wonderful spread in the Eastern Daily Press, the regions primary newspaper. It is a wonderful thing when those in the public eye are rumoured to make use of various services as it can sometimes act as a catalyst for much needed publicity for those services. Such was the case when Meghan Markle was rumoured to have chosen a doula to support her as part of her birth squad. This news has generated a great deal of interest in doulas (a much misunderstood profession) and we hope that more women will become aware of the fact that…

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    Doulas aren’t just for Duchesses

    Norfolk doula Siobhán, writes an informative piece about why you should have a doula for your first birth, just like Meghan: “Doulas have been around since time memorial. They provide the ancient art of emotional, nurturing female support during the most vulnerable moments of a woman’s life – the day she gives birth. The doula community doesn’t shout about what we do. We work with families in strictest confidence, holding their secrets, the details of their journey and their personal stories, under lock and key in our mental filing cabinets. Behind the scenes we work tirelessly in whatever ways we can to change birth culture, to support vulnerable women, to…

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    Siobhán Ridley

    STILL SUPPORTING FAMILIES THROUGH COVID-19 (Find out more HERE) Love is what I will bring to you when I support you. I want to walk through this part of your parenting journey with you, wrapping you in a warm blanket of care and nurture. I will listen to your hopes and fears and together we will find ways to create a clear path to feeling confident, in control and connected. Pregnancy, birth and parenting information is overwhelming but I will help you navigate this by acting as your google filter and by guiding you to balanced information. I will always support you in your choices without judgement, holding your hand…

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    Maddie McMahon

    ONLINE SUPPORT AVAILABLE If you are confined to the house right now, get in touch if you feel you could do with some emotional and informational support. Being pregnant of a new parent at the moment is particularly challenging – getting some extra support and having that on tap at the touch of a phone or computer might help just a little bit and stop you feeling isolated.~~~~~~~~~~I suspect you’ve been reading quite a few of these and hopefully some stuff on this website about what doulas do. So you’ll know by now that choosing a doula is about making a short list, having some chats on the phone, some…

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    B.J. Woodstein

    I trained to be a doula because I had a doula myself for my second birth, and that made all the difference between me feeling impotent and done-to, as I had the first time around, and empowered and strong the second time. I want to help you find the strength and power within you and I want to support you so you can meet your pregnancy, birth, feeding, and parenting goals. I believe that loving, encouraging, and informed support really matters, so I will offer you evidence-based information, a warm and friendly listening ear, and an attention to detail that means that I will focus on your needs and desires.…

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    Caz Sayles

    I’m Caz Sayles and I’m a fully certified birth nerd. Since having my ‘babies’ In 1995  and then 2000 I knew the experiences I had could have been so different had I had the knowledge and been supported better. This led me down the path of studying the emotion and physiology of birth. A few years ago I fully submerged myself in the birth world. Starting with hypnobirthing, then into the biomechanics of birth and that lead me to here, qualifying with Developing Doulas and being supported and mentored by the lovely Maddie McMahon. This fully opened my eyes to the wonder and power of birth and I am dedicated…

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    Kayla Bainger

    I am a doula to support all women to birth their ideas and dreams and support them through the transitions of life. I hold space in different ways through the circle groups that I run Red Tent Norfolk and Red Tent Pregnancy Group. I have been holding space for women since 2014 and decided to set up Sacred Sisterhood in January 2017 to support women to feel heard, loved and accepted. I wanted to create a community for all women to connect together and draw strength from their stories and shared experiences.Services that I currently offer are 1:1 Mother Blessing Ceremonies and holding space in Red Tent circle groups.  I…

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    Rachel Graveling

    I’m the mother of two wonderful young adults. I relax by singing, dancing and walking in nature and beside the sea.I became a doula over 20 years ago because, due to wonderful help from others, I had life changing and empowering birth experiences. I wanted to be part of the movement to return birth to the mother; where it belongs and is safest. I enjoy working with women and their partners to help them achieve their hopes and dreams but also to ensure that whatever happens, during birth, they are heard and respected. I have found from many years experience that couples benefit, during labour, from the presence of an…

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    Paula Cleary

    As a mother of five, experienced doula and homebirth campainer (I am the founder of Birthplace Matters, which successfully campaigned to have the homebirth service restored in Kings Lynn), I know first-hand what a difference it makes to receive loving, continuous support from a birth partner who really believes in you! My role as your doula encompasses different kinds of support… Psychological : helping you to build a positive birthing mindset Emotional – listening to you and exploring questions, feelings, fears if you wish to share them Practical – sometimes taking on practical things that need doing to free you up to focus on more important things Physical – being…

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