Grassroots Antenatal Group: Sheringham

Caz Sayles on her brilliant group in Sheringham

I had the seeds of an idea when I first started my birth work journey. I love what I do but struggled with the idea that good evidence based birth education was only available to those that could afford it. I want everyone to be able to access the right information in the hope they have the birth they choose.

The seed was watered by the wonderful Maddie who believed in my idea and gave me the confidence to actualise it.

I was lucky as I was offered a church hall rent free from Constance (a trustee of the toddler group that I volunteer at ) so my overheads are zero and I knew I could make it work.
My vision for the group is to create a judgement free village of people who come together to learn and support each other. Who will hopefully become each other’s support network for many years to come. It’s small at present but building week by week.
We discuss all aspects of birth and postpartum in an easy informal way and have a WhatsApp group for chats inbetween sessions.
The joy I get from this group is second to none. I leave after each session absolutely glowing with unity and love. The support I get from Maddie and Constance lifts me and seeing the parents mould together to form their tribe is just beautiful.

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