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Maddie McMahon


If you are confined to the house right now, get in touch if you feel you could do with some emotional and informational support. Being pregnant of a new parent at the moment is particularly challenging – getting some extra support and having that on tap at the touch of a phone or computer might help just a little bit and stop you feeling isolated.
I suspect you’ve been reading quite a few of these and hopefully some stuff on this website about what doulas do. So you’ll know by now that choosing a doula is about making a short list, having some chats on the phone, some face to face meetings and then going with your gut instinct. I do the same – I love to work with people I feel an affinity for. Doula support is a relationship and I want you to feel you are being supported by someone who really cares, who won’t mind being woken up in the middle of the night – in fact, someone who relishes it. Yes, doulas really are that weird!

I have worked and love working with a wide variety of families. Whatever shape, identity, colour or size of your family makes no difference to me – I care that you experience joy and fulfillment as you step into parenthood.

Part of my role as a doula, is to be there to offer you support, encouragement, information and practical help. Because becoming a mother or primary parent, or having another baby, is a time of transition. All transitions in life are times when most of us enjoy and benefit from someone to listen, to bounce ideas off and to build our self-esteem. I feel huge love and pride in my clients, but I am detached enough not to feel compelled to tell you what I think you ought to do.

My trust is in your ability to make the right choices for you and your baby.

The passion and fulfilment that comes from being a doula stems from the huge satisfaction I get from accompanying parents in their journey – guiding them through the maze of pregnancy and childbirth and supporting them through the transition to parenthood. It truely is an honour to walk with parents during this time. The services I offer are uniquely tailored to the individual family, as are the costs, so please contact me for details.

It is the little things that make a difference, so ask for what you need and I’ll do my best to help you reach your goals.

Doula Course with Paramana Doula December 2003

On going training with Doula UK ie regular Study Days/weekends.

I run a Doula Preparation Course and enjoy guiding women through their first steps to becoming a doula

I am a Mentor for Doula UK

I am a Breastfeeding Counsellor and founder member of the charity Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance.

I help run a local Birth Choices group and was instrumental in setting up our local VBAC Support group.

I have supported both first time mothers and those having subsequent children. My clients have opted for both hospital, Birth Centre and homebirths. Some have chosen to have vaginal births after caesareans. I have also supported women having caesareans, and been present in theatre. I have also supported many people labouring and birthing in water, both at home and in hospital.I have worked with a number of parents having twins and more.

I have supported women through many choices in childbirth from elective c-sections to all-natural lotus births and the normal birth of twins – my prime concern is that families feel supported in their informed decisions and have as fulfilling and positive experience of their child’s birthday as possible.

I don’t offer related services such as complementary therapies but can signpost you to those that can.

I also offer an antenatal ‘Preparing the way for Feeding My Baby’ session. This is just for you (and your partner) in your own home and is tailored to your individual needs and concerns.

I’m mother to 2 wonderful young people (born 2000 and 2003)and stepmum to one wonderful, all-grown-up person.  I love reading and swimming out in the wild. I am plotting to live by the sea. I can’t think of anything more important than the way we give birth and nurture our children.

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