The Doulas

Caz Sayles

I’m Caz Sayles and I’m a fully certified birth nerd. Since having my ‘babies’ In 1995  and then 2000 I knew the experiences I had could have been so different had I had the knowledge and been supported better. This led me down the path of studying the emotion and physiology of birth.

A few years ago I fully submerged myself in the birth world. Starting with hypnobirthing, then into the biomechanics of birth and that lead me to here, qualifying with Developing Doulas and being supported and mentored by the lovely Maddie McMahon. This fully opened my eyes to the wonder and power of birth and I am dedicated to supporting you through your birth journey, advocating when you want me to or just ‘being’ when you or your partner need support.

As a qualified pregnancy massage therapist and early years educator I can also bring you relaxation and help you care for yourself and your little one after birth as well as siblings too.

Im naturally empathetic and incredibly open. There is nothing you can’t discuss with me. And I promise you will receive care, gentleness, a bloody good cuppa and I will hold space for whatever you need of me.

I’m a mentored doula which means I’m fully qualified with all of the knowledge that comes with that. But as I’m newly qualified I have an extremely experienced doula who I feedback to. This effectively means you are getting the experience of two doulas for the price of one.

Phone: 07917774277
Services offered: Mentored Birth and post natal doula, hypnobirthing, massage (pregnancy and baby)