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Siobhán Ridley

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Every path in my life has lead to becoming a doula. I have lived abroad, I have travelled, I have been a student, a support worker, an illustrator, a teacher, a wife, a mother and more besides. But each path has involved simply loving people and it wasn’t until I began my motherhood journey that I fully began to understand my purpose.

Love is what I will bring to you when I support you. I want to walk through this part of your parenting journey with you, wrapping you in a warm blanket of care and nurture. How I do this is by truly listening to you; hearing your story, your fears, your desires, your wants and needs. Together we will find ways to validate and soothe fears and we will promote all the things that make you feel safe, nurtured and confident.

I will help you navigate overwhelming parenting information by guiding you to balanced info and support you in your choices without judgement, holding your hand throughout. Through getting to know you I will be able to tailor my services to whatever your unique family needs. A doula is an emotional support, a calming presence, and a bringer of compassion and smiles.

Practically I will bring my knowledge of labour, birth, hypnobirthing and rebozo. I also have a lending library, birthing pool, birthing balls and rebozos for you to use.

How I can support you:

Hypnobirthing – I teach The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, group and private classes.
Bespoke antenatal education and birth preparation.
Pregnancy Doula – individually tailored doula support throughout pregnancy until your birthing day.
Birth Doula
Closing the Bones postnatal massage/ceremony
Birth Trauma Release (3-Step Rewind).

A little bit about me:

I live in in a little village in the Norfolk Broads with my amazing teenage sweetheart turned husband and two sons. My first son was born in 2015 in a midwifery led maternity unit (nearly down the toilet, but that’s another story!) with two incredible midwives by my side. Almost exactly two years later our second babe arrived on his bedroom floor. I loved my labours. They were truly ecstatic in every way and they transformed me entirely.

After my motherhood journey began I became acutely aware that so much in life begins with how we experience birth and the start of human life. I started my birth keeper work by training as a hypnobirthing facilitator and then began consuming as much as I could about the birthing and parenthood world. Eventually, after years adoring my work as a school teacher, I made the jump to fully self-employed life. And here I am.

Some fun facts:
  1. I’m happiest with a scuba tank attached to me, drifting along the bottom of the ocean.
  2. I cannot cook. Seriously, my baking is actually dangerous.
  3. I swear… a lot (I’m working on this!).
  4. We are home educating our tiny humans.
  5. I am the Doula UK regional rep and I founded and run Home Birth Norfolk.
Connect with me on social media:

Instagram: @yourtinyhuman

Tel: 07725232233
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Services: Birth doula, Pregnancy doula, Hypnobirthing, Closing the Bones, Trauma Release (3-Step Rewind)