Doulas aren’t just for Duchesses

Norfolk doula Siobhán, writes an informative piece about why you should have a doula for your first birth, just like Meghan:

“Doulas have been around since time memorial. They provide the ancient art of emotional, nurturing female support during the most vulnerable moments of a woman’s life – the day she gives birth. The doula community doesn’t shout about what we do. We work with families in strictest confidence, holding their secrets, the details of their journey and their personal stories, under lock and key in our mental filing cabinets. Behind the scenes we work tirelessly in whatever ways we can to change birth culture, to support vulnerable women, to spread good quality information, to counter the dearth of click bait rubbish and to spread as much emotional and practical care as possible. We’re so busy doing all those things, that sometimes our voice is lost in the swamped advertising world where pregnant women and parents are cash cows to an ever growing industry of ‘must have things’.

And this is why, when high profile women such as Meghan Markle reportedly choose to have a doula in her birth squad, we get very excited. We also get very excited because we know that she is going to have SO much love during her pregnancy and birth and that is what doulas want for ALL women.”

Why should you have a doula for your first birth?

  • A doula will guide you through all the information
  • A doula is your confidant on speed dial
  • A doula supports you and your partner
  • A doula is a member of your birth squad that YOU chose
  • Research shows that having a doula makes a difference
  • Doulas are for everyone

“A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth”.

-Anna Verwaal


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