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Claire Keen

I am a mother of four, two daughters & two sons, ranging between the ages of 2 to 18, currently living on the Suffolk / Norfolk border.

I have a background in childminding & over the last ten years, I have owned a village store & post office. Having four children of my own & working closely in my communities I have seen first hand how having a wider support network can greatly improve all aspects of family life.

I am a mentored birth & postnatal doula. I trained with BirthBliss Academy in July 2018.

Being a doula means I’m there to offer emotional & physical support as well as information, kind words, a hand to hold & hopefully some laughter along the way.

Since having my own children all very different births in their own ways, I realised my passion for wanting to support women & their families through this wonderful time.

It also made me realise what was missing for me was that constant presence of a supportive person.

Having a doula can ensure that whatever happens during birth, mothers are heard & respected as not all things can or need to be controlled.

My aim is to support & inform couples to feel empowered & confident during birth, even if birth takes a different path to the “plan”. We all deserve to be left with positive & happy memories of the day we meet our babies.

I am happy to support all birth experiences from hospital to home births. I want to support your choices & provide a continuous, gentle aid to you & your partner.

I can provide mentored postnatal doula support,in-home care to families with new-borns. This includes support with breast & bottle-feeding in a non-judgmental way, helping you to make informed decisions through early motherhood.

I can also help you with all the practical areas of support around the home & simply give you the encouragement needed to feel safe, confortable and confidant.

For more information on what I offer please visit

I would be very happy to have a chat, over the phone or to arrange a first visit in person for us to discuss your needs and expectations.

Tel: 07852277941
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Services: Birth doula, Postnatal doula

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